If you know anything about rats, you'll know that the day a rat boggles and bruxes for the first time is possibly the greatest day in a rat owner's life!

I have not yet seen my favourite boy, Russell, boggling at all. He's very affectionate and I know I'm treating him right, but you always wonder why a rat isn't happy enough to boggle and brux.

Well, yesterday I took Russell out on a bit of ambassador work to a Pet Shop to tell them about pedigree rats, etc. He enjoyed the outing and soon we were back in the car. That's when it happened. He got off my shoulder and snuggled into the tray below my CD player. With the engine purring and the car swaying, and the occassional scritch behind the ears from his mom, he started boggling and bruxing contentedly! I was sooo amazed! Who knew that my boy loves being in the car that much? He was so happy to just lie there and listen to the sounds of the car and his mommy and daddy cooing over him. What a great Sunday!

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    Lindi has kept rats as pets from a very young age. She is now involved with a South African company that offers animal behaviour courses. As a result, her passion is studying and understanding pet rat behaviour, as there has been so little advancement in this field.


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