I just couldn't resist...

This weekend I went and splurged on another big cage like the one I have and have now connected them to form one HUGE rat cage. The furkids now have platforms, hammocks, monkey tents, branches, ladders and toys to keep them busy for a long time!

One of the new toys is a dried calabash which the pet shop sells as a bird next. I really thought the hole would be big enough, but it seems even the girls are getting a bit squishy :) Not to worry though, as Magrat is busy 'renovating' it and will soon have the hole big enough! lol
9/24/2012 06:17:07

Fine post bro

9/27/2012 20:11:24

Good post bro


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    Lindi has kept rats as pets from a very young age. She is now involved with a South African company that offers animal behaviour courses. As a result, her passion is studying and understanding pet rat behaviour, as there has been so little advancement in this field.


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