As we head into winter, Russell my big boy caught a cold that quickly developed into a chest infection. I was so worried when I noticed that he'd started losing weight and then one day he stopped eating all together. Needless to say he was rushed to the Vet.

Russell was put on a course of Baytril and quarantined in the bathroom, which we kept nice and humid. Getting the medicine down was a bit of a fight - Baytril is very bitter! He still refused food. Caryn recommended that I offer him some Ensure, a meal replacement shake usually used for cancer patients. It's packed full of nutrients and vitamins. Russell took to it right away and managed a teaspoon every 2 hours. Initially he only wanted to drink it out of the palm of my hand.

These little creatures continue to amaze me. At the start of his illness, he wanted to be with me more and more. He felt ill and wanted comfort. I wonder if somehow he knew that I could help and this was his way of asking? During this past week he has grown closer to me than ever, trusting me completely. He still doesn't like the medicine, but he doesn't keep a grudge either. And he takes every opportunity to come sit in my lap for some cuddles :). So much like a human child - wanting the comfort of a parent figure when you feel unwell.

He's still on Baytril, but we have seen around a 60% improvement. He's begun eating pronutro and has picked up some of the lost weight again.
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