Today I brought home a new addition to the family. His name is Waldo, a.k.a. Wallie, and he is a black hoodie boy.

I got Wallie from a well-known pet shop in Pretoria. Although they don't care for their rats in an ideal way, they do sound very open to suggestions and feedback. My hope is to raise and train Wallie, and to come back and use him as ambassador and example of what awesome pets rats make. Hopefully we can then start making changes at this pet shop, as it is such a big supplier of feeder and pet rats to the public.

5/30/2012 05:52:08 am

will return shortly


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    Lindi has kept rats as pets from a very young age. She is now involved with a South African company that offers animal behaviour courses. As a result, her passion is studying and understanding pet rat behaviour, as there has been so little advancement in this field.


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