Part of the responsibility of owning pets is to know when it's time to say goodbye, when it's best for them, even though it hurts for us.

On Saturday we had to make this very difficult decision with my little heart-rat, Bobby.

He had been ill for several weeks and although he was coping somewhat with medication, he was not getting better. I had made the mistake before of allowing the suffering to continue in a last ditch attempt to have my little rat with me when James was sick in April, and I thoroughly regret doing that, he suffered in ways that I never wanted to see and I definately did not want the situation to repeat itself with Bobby. So we contacted our trusted vet, who cried with us as Bobby slipped away.

Bobby was burried next to his brother, James, in our garden, and he will always be remembered as the rat who stole every one's hearts.

07/12/2012 22:03

Appreciate your details


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