Many months of preparation and hard work is finally paying off as RIA’s members are finally getting their hands dirty in the field. Last week Friday marked the beginning of our adventures as Lindi approached a large pet shop in Faerie Glen to tell them about the advantages of using corncob bedding for their rats, instead of saw dust. The staff were very keen to learn more about these creatures and was open to suggestions on better keeping conditions for the rats. 

Michelle found a single rat with an enormous abscess at another pet shop in Centurion, who turned out to be the owner’s pet. She is now guiding him in the little rat, named Lucky’s treatment and has put him in contact with a pre-killed feeder breeder in JHB to feed his large reptile collection and supply his clients with.

We are very encouraged to see the positive response to RIA’s endeavors and will continue to get into contact with various pet shops in the province to better the lives of the animals that are kept there.

If you come across any situations involving rats that need urgent attendance, please contact us.

05/30/2012 11:09am

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