We conducted our first Rat Socialization study this last weekend, with Roan from Whisker’s Rattery joining Michelle and Lindi with their fur-kids. We had a lot of fun just chatting and having some cold drink while the rats “sort of” explored the picnic blanket.

 We expected some problems with the class, but not the one big problem we faced on Saturday. Our normally very inquisitive and explorative rats were too scared to leave their travel cages! This created some issues in that we couldn’t socialize the rats with each other, as they had no interest in one another, and only wanted to escape back onto mom or dad’s lap!

 Although this was unexpected, it was quite insightful and we’ve gathered some theories around their reaction. We will be holding another one or two classes and measure their successes against the first class, hopefully the rats get used to the idea of exploring outside of their own territory as we go along.

 All in all, though, it was great fun and really good to meet each other’s ratties in real life!


10/12/2010 5:34am

Upon further reflection, we suspect that the rats' reluctance was due to the fact that they could smell that a cat had been in the vicinity.

Great care will have to be taken to find a venue where there are no cats, and have been no cats for at least a few days. Wish us luck!

05/30/2012 4:54pm

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07/15/2012 12:08pm

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10/13/2013 9:27pm

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