Exactly one month and one day ago one of the members from Ratanooga Forums blessed me with a little black baby girl rat. I decided to name her Winry Rockbell.

Winry is growing up to be real champion. She's by far the most playful rat I've ever met and she absolutely loves being around other rats and people alike. What has been even more astonishing is how she's stolen my Dima's heart.

Dima is normally an extremely dominant, bully type rat when it comes to other rats, but a lover of people. But from the moment Winry set foot in their cage Dima's been a changed man-rat. Now he's all cuddly and playful and loving!

I guess that's just what cute, chubby little black rat will do to a person!

Here's a pic of Winry squished in between the boys. Disya on the left, and Dima on the right.


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